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Good specific subject matter Skylor, thanks for sharing.

Love the videos VAC, very useful and your time in making them is apprecuated. I like your pattern B depiction. I'm also a glider pilot. I didn't train on gliders until I was already flying 747's, and it was a great antidote for over exposure to excessive resources in aviation. Learning these types of techniques and thinking proper energy management down low while targeting tight landing fields is thankfully something that comes easy to any "ready to learn" pilot with enough thoughtful (safe) introduction, exposure and practice. In an RV, SFO practice is great for fun and getting better at techniques involved. It's also highly beneficial to keep commonly used procedures anchored to real world needs. We may have to deal with a "SFO" weather we like it or not, when we are least ready to do so and with the least amount of excess mental capacity to come up with something not recently worked on. Having a few good anchor numbers to work with is an outstanding start to executing a real SFO when needed. I also use an old pilotage visual reference SA rule of thumb where my wingtip crossing an object on the ground dictates a safe "fly direct to" no wind glide distance, subject to energy bleed off when turning toward and using speed to make the turn, pulling to glide AOA, etc. Obviously a real SFO overhead arrival procedure can't be to a "direct to" chosen field but in any situation, there is a spectrum of useful techniques one is proficient in that get partially or fully employed along the way to arrive at a successful solution.
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