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Default Colorado 3!

One final pic with borrowed sign

The weather always gets dicey around noon in the mountains, so we headed down, easier on the lungs, harder on the knees! We saw this snow ghost on the hike to the car.....

We got up early to get up and over the mountains to head home. It was a little tricky with the Hayden Pass fire blocking the valley to Pueblo, but we just climbed to 12K and flew over the mountains to Pueblo

Saw 202kts at one point descending into McCook on the return. Great tailwinds over the plains....

After lunch in McCook, it was an easy flight home - getting us in by 2 and time to start on the pile of emails...

================================================== ================================================== ==

Some final pics. Andi leading the way to the Hilltop Mine

Plane has seen some "stuff", and I love it!

The Dunes in late afternoon sun

The views are incredible in every direction

2000 ft above Iowa Gulch

What a great trip!!!

Amateur Plane - RV-9A N789PH - 2250+ Hrs
Amateur Radio - KD0CVN
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St. Paul, MN

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