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Default Thanks to Van's, and more questions

When Tony and I flew to Aurora Friday we didn't expect to see the new RV-12iS. We assumed it would be gone to Oshkosh. To our surprise when we taxed up and parked, there it was in the hangar! We were welcomed inside and were able to examine the newest RV. Rian and Scott were happy to tell us all about it and answer all of our many questions. They are obviously very proud and excited about their new design and it looks great. (I'm wondering who will start a new build first, me or Tony.) Many thanks to Scott, Rian, Jose, Mitch and Fedosia for the warm welcome. They made for a very enjoyable visit. And they didn't know we were coming, we just showed up.

Scott, a couple more questions if you don't mind. Is there any kind of oil temperature control like the Thermostasis mod that many of us have installed on our 912ULS? And I didn't notice a canopy lock incorporated in the new latch design.
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