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Default boost or normalized?

I plan to have it boost 5-7 lbs, (40-45 in Hg). The plan is to keep that level up to 10K. This is quite mild (less than half) compared to most boost pressures used on Hondas over all. This will put me somewhere in the neighborhood of 160-180HP. There are factors that may change this once I actually get to flying, but so far this is a conservative set up.

I was very happy with how my intercooler performed on the test stand but on the airframe will be a whole new ball game. Can't wait!!

I did rough in the intercooler today. It actually "sits" quite nicely between the engine and the firewall. I even have a few inches to get a scat duct in there from the front left cowl inlet. I think I will have to fabricate a plenum out of fiberglass and aluminum.

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