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Originally Posted by Karetaker View Post
Another consideration would be to build a bench/cabinet instead of a table. By this I mean something with a combination of drawers, doors and shelves. I found free plans on line and customized them to build the bench to fit my needs. You can see and hear about my bench in the first two minutes of this video:

I believe I still have the plans. If interested, I can email you pictures.
Wow--that's a great shop! And that drawered-bench looks incredible. But dude, you're a furniture maker. I'm It would probably take me as much time to build a bench with all those drawers, as it would for me to actually build the empennage for the RV-10.

Seriously though--beautiful shop! I need to check your channel to see if you ever put up a video on "site B".

Thanks for posting.

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