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Default RV-3 Baby Rocket

Just in the process of painting my 3 and starting a new one. I have alot stuff to use up so some of my choices are dictated by what I have on hand. I would like to get advice on somethings and opinion on other
the Project
1. I want to use a cutdown rocket cowling just cuz it is Sexy and I have one
2 . o-360 conical mount cuz I have one off a super D
3 . balanced shortened elevators off a RV-8 again cuz I have an extra set and they are Identical!!! to the 3 except the spar is .180" deeper and has a much better trim tab and I will make a horizantal to match, the cord on the 8 is too big
4. Canopy off a panther or what Todd has that might be better. I want the volumous feel of a razorback canopy that terminates close to the longerons.
5. I have a hartzell off a RV8 but the extra 80lbs, CG issues and complexity is making me lean towards a 3 bladed Catto and I have one of those too
6. tilt back seat 2" at upper longerons and have hatrack shelf storage behind head ,I like this cuz it will offer accessable storage in flight and shelf floor will stiffen fuselage
7. hanging rudder pedals like RV4 without the firewall buckets this will allow pedals to come forward 2" more
8 1" upper longerons will be straight from tailpost to firewall but will have to twist them to allow the skins to lay flat. width at seat increases by a little less than 1/2" due to the wide Rocket cowl although the shortened cowling makes a little smaller firewall than the stock rocket.
9. build the last turtleneck bulkhead in 2 pieces so I can reach in and buck rivets, I ran out of little friends to do this, inspection cover on the belly just aft of the elevator reversing bar so I do not have to climb through baggage compartment.
10. 2 piece aft belly skin to make it much easier to fit.
11. early wingtips and wheel pants cuz I have them I like the way they look too if I had later ones I would like them too I think, free is beautiful
12. small instrument panel sitting on top of longerons , helps ease of entry
13. RV4 gear legs cuz they're two inches longer than 3 I think I found a cheap set
14. Fuselage floor should stay the same except the front forward lower longerons will be 96° angle to account for firewall shape. I may have to widen lower firewall as much as 1 1/2 inch but hoping not too won't know until I cut cowling down

Structural concerns
1 parallel valve O-360 weighs 30lbs more but Catto Prop is light so I will change the the perimeter tubing size on the engine mount from .035 to .049
2. The forward fuselage sides are no longer vertical but more curved and trapazoided out 10° so this is not as strong not sure what to do about this yet. All firewall angles will be 1" instead of 3/4" and I can hang the rudder pedals off of them. the steel firewall engine mount attach gussets will be .063 and slightly larger. and will attach with Hi-shear fasteners where convient.
One area of concern is the fuselage spar opening will be 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider and may interfere with the -3 bolts on the spar

Ideas and Input would be appreciated and spare parts would be loved. I really enjoyed building my last 3 so I hope this won't be frustrating but very enjoyable
thx Robin

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