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Default The 30 year pickled engine results

Hi All,
Last fall, I posted a few pics of an IO-360A1B that I purchased that had 0 SMOH, but was pickled in 1980 in Colorado.

Well, I was pretty certain, that since I was taking myself, my wife, my kids, etc in this airplane to be, the engine required a tear down. to Aerosport power, for teardown, inspection, and reassembly.

As a recap, here it is before:

Here is the case inside:

Corrosion was pretty much non-existant according to Bart. He recommended that I remachine the mains back to new tolerance, which I agreed with. The Mags were really old....a tear down/inspection was going to bring them close to the cost of new slicks. Slicks. Ignition is kind of important I have heard.
Next...Fuel injection is going to have to be torn down as well....bringing the cost close to a reconditioned system.. so...reconditioned system it is. Fuel kind of important as well.

Starter. Well, that big old klunker on it would have to go.....

Here is the final result:

Bet you can see my smile. Cheaper than a new engine in the long run. Safer than the old one.

Glad I did it.

Chris Hepburn
Ottawa, ON
Renew 07/19

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