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Default Molex microfit madness!

Has anyone, after investing in a proper Open Barrel Crimp Tool for Molex pins and studying the abundant information on how to get a good crimp and after thinking that you have crimped it properly, had problems inserting the Micro-fit pins into the actual plugs (after trying all four different possible orientations more than once)?

I am referring to the RV-12 trim wire upgrade. Detailed on Pg 11-07 revision 3, dated 10/18/11, this shows the fitting of Molex Micro-Fit pins into the ES-00044 and ES-00045 Molex Plug, 6 Position Micro-Fit(s).

I have installed the male Micro-Fit pins onto the ES-MSTS-T3-7A-2 wire. These successfully went into the ES-00044 connector. However, upon trying to do the same with the mating end (WH-P30 Trim Wires) and installing the female ends into the ES-00045, I am unsuccessful.

Any suggestions on how to be more successful with the female ends? (Insert joke here but real suggestions would be most helpful)
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