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Default Another data-point to help others not make this mistake.

I recently installed a Netgear extender at the cabin. I have been noticing that my feeds to APRS have gone down dramatically even though I had seen an increase since the cleaning in my previous post.

This was confusing and after going through my "system", I had one of those "ah-ha" moments and remembered another change had taken place........the extender. The OLPC computer showed a very strong connection to the extender, yet my connection was not producing as it once had. I connected the OLPC to the router, not the extender, and immediate change was seen.

I am not able to understand the why or how, but I do know the extender made a big, negative difference. Apparently the strong signal was not the real effect. The extender does work for other devices, but for some reason it had a very negative effect on APRS reporting.

Just another data point.

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