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Even though my guy is based at my airport, he throws his test equipment in the back of a truck and drives to my hangar. I’d say he spends about 15 minutes setting up; another 5-10 minutes chasing down leaks at the connections to his equipment (pitot tube, static port); and maybe 15-20 minutes watching the boxes run the altitude up and down, recording numbers, etc. Paperwork and de-connecting his equipment, he’s in and out in an hour. $250, IIRC. BUT, if there’s a problem, he can spend a lot of time looking for the leak(s). That may explain the time quote you got. You can help by pre-testing both pitot and static systems for any leaks, and fixing them yourself. Just use some clear tubing with water in it, U-shaped, to slightly pressurize them (google ‘water manometer’).
I’m usually able to schedule him within 2 weeks, but try to give him 4 weeks notice.
Edit: I should have said, this is for a full ifr check.

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