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Default A.C.

Welcome I aboard. I to have thought about an A.C. in our 14a. We chose to 14a for comfort after all. However, when we flew with Mitch, in the factory demo, it was 87 and muggy! It was a bit uncomfortable up until engine start. He is at about 140' MSL so at 3500 I had very cool air coming inside the vents right at my knee. Also the sliding curtain attached to the top of the canopy helps a lot.

I used to sell airplanes in 90-91. Some of the higher end planes Saratoga, B58 had A.C. and you had turn the A.C. off for take off. I have no clue if that is till the same on new models of planes and newer A.C. units. It has been a few years but I seldom recall ever really using A.C. in flight other than a novelty. Just MHO.

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