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Originally Posted by pazmanyflyer View Post
Beautiful. I have to you have a better picture of the center of your panel? Specifically (CB/push buttons?) above the throttle/mixture. Info on those would be great.

The switches are DPDT with a separate circuit for the LED ring. LED can be lit for either switch on or off. These switches are only rated at 3A@250V but that isn't a problem here because they are connected to a VP-X so only grounding a circuit to earth for the VP-X. The issue with that is I needed a separate power supply for the LED rings. Not a big deal with the VP-X though. The switches are IP67 rated.

If interested, the three knobs on the sub-panel control, via-RC servos, the heater and baggage area vents (which the boss wanted installed for the dog's pleasure). The third knob is the panel dimmer. The vents are the small rectangular RV10 rear vents.

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