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Originally Posted by JordanGrant View Post
Pics of Alexia's aviation experience below. She has about 25 or 30 hours now. (keep meaning to start a logbook for her and haven't done it yet...)

Test fitting - she's very excited to go flying. Note the head cushion so she doesn't bump her noggin.

Brings back memories of my son in our first 6A. Biggest problem was after he got old enough to manipulate things he didn't want to wear hearing protection. I even had a third set of intercom jacks wired in the back...He wanted nothing to do with a head set on his head. We had to resort to making custom sized earplugs and fitting him with a tight fitting and tightly tied hooded sweatshirt to keep him from digging them out of his ears.

I am happy to say that at 15 years old he is now happy to wear a head set and he can fly an RV quite well also.
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