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You don't need an A&P to do this and an experienced builder owner operator will do. However every year you need a condition inspection and you will need an A&P to sign that off. Condition inspection is once a year and is not called an annual. You want to make sure you have that in the log book. You will remove the cowl, wheel pants, inspection covers, baggage bulkhead and have a good look.

The engine is the single most expensive item. You want to do a compression test. I am not an A&P and can do compression test and the tools and gauges are not exotic....

Log books on certified planes is a big dot deal for airworthiness compliance. Logbooks are important for an RV but there will not be any FAA AD's and compliance issues to check on an experimental. However there are Service Bulletins or Letters from Van they are usually voluntary but some do affect safety.

Engine and Prop likely come from certified world and there can also be AD's on Prop, Engine and Carburetor. You can look those up yourself. There is no requirement to comply with Engine and Prop AD's in an experimental aircraft. You may not see this in log book.

Flight test is likely the most important. You want an unbiased RV pilot to fly it and check basic handing and performance. Sorry I am not in your area but good look and don't get emotional about it.
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