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Default Viking Engines (Jan Eggenfellner)

I noticed Jan is back (since 2010 but I am slow) with Honda based conversions, but more for the lower speed end of the sport plane market.
Hummmm. I noticed the Wiki on Eggenfellner Arcraft has nothing about the Subaru business folding.

How did everyone make out with the FFW RV Subaru engines? Have they proven to be reliable, economical, good performance compared to a Lyc?

A Viking customers have had power loss for different reasons, electrical, PSRU to name two, and were followed by unhappy landings.
Missing pictures but the text points to chronic PSRU issues. Jan?
Read the video information text pop down... it spells it out.

Here is Jan explaining a recent off field incident, blaming electrical (while wearing a law firm tee-shirt, I find appropriate)

This is why I think Lycoming O-320 or O-360 (or IO with one Electronic ignition) is far simpler thus more reliable. Do Lycoming engines fail? Yep but not like this.
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