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Originally Posted by RV3bpilot View Post
I sure wish more pilots would practice engine out landings. When it happens for real for the first time it is like you just grabbed a bare wire from an old wore out electrical cord that is plugged in to 120 volts. Then you try everything to get the engine back running, flipping switches and valves, that takes about 5 seconds. Then you shut everything off and glide with your adrenaline making you sweat and heart pound hard.

Please practice engine out landings, in most cases they are survivable even in unfriendly terrain.
So true on the "bare wire from an old wore out cord" when it's the first time. Having recently experienced my first real loss of power - and it was during climb out - the startle factor is significant. Luckily we were at 1100 AGL and had been vectored to the downwind before departure 1.8 miles from the runway and made it back safe. It was solid houses and strip malls. Practicing engine out's is part of the solution. It would be good to find an effective way to practice reacting when the startle factor hits you.
Rob Kelly
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