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Default Happy Baby Flying

Pics of Alexia's aviation experience below. She has about 25 or 30 hours now. (keep meaning to start a logbook for her and haven't done it yet...)

Test fitting - she's very excited to go flying. Note the head cushion so she doesn't bump her noggin.

We put "mickey mouse ears" on to help with noise, set up the blanket to keep out the bright sunlight, and made sure to have a "binky" she could suck on for descents (to preclude sinus pressure). She usually falls asleep at about 6000' and stays asleep for pretty much the whole flight. I think the vibrations of the plane just lull her to sleep. We've only had 1 "meltdown" in flight, and that was due to a diaper blowout. (Where's that one in the emergency checklist?) Once discovered, we made an immediate landing, cleaned up the problem, and pressed on.

Getting ready to put her into the plane. Thank heavens for the tip-up slider mod! This is at Smiley Creek, ID - one of our favorite destinations. Think of it as landing on a very large, manicured fairway - the best grass strip I've ever seen.

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