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My take on this is that it appears to be a neat little box...on the bench / on the ground. The reality is that AvMap has not been in the business of making EFIS system, there isn't any track record of it over any period of any comments on it's robustness and reliability are dubious at best.

It certainly may end up being a fantastic little box that becomes very popular. I'll withhold any opinion (plus or minus) on it until we see some real world examples with at least some minimal history behind them. Also, it'll be interesting to see how the customer service, repair, maintenance, etc.. stack up against the known quantities we currently deal with (GRT, AFS, Dynon, PSE, etc..) in that area specifically.

Hopefully at some point I'll play with one in the air (not just on the ground) and be able to give some reasonable feedback. I suppose a youtube video would give some details, but I sort discount any ground based reviews on something like an EFIS without some additional data-points from real world flights. Who knows - this could be a home run....or a bunt.

Just my 2 cents as usual.

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