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Default Day Two (cont.)

After the parade came to an applause-filled end, I decided to take my mountain bike for a ride to the other side of the island. Miles away from Eastsound, I came across a small cemetery and decided there to rehydrate and take in some beautiful scenery nearby.

Continuing on, I decided to see what the Red Cross Quarry might be. The road was steep, but it felt good that morning to stretch and to fill my lungs with the sweet morning air.

Finally, at the end of the road, I found an old rusty dredge standing skeletal and defunct under the heights of hillside above it.

After resting under the shade of the forest just above the dredge, I headed back down the mountain toward Eastsound. On the way, I passed the local egg store. It was closed.

I breathed in as much of the beauty of Orcas Island that I could before reaching the airport.

It was time once again to depart for other places, so I disassembled the mountain bike, packed up and preflighted the Dove, and took off into the turbulence and over the town I had come to love in just a day. It was good to be airborne again, but the joy of flight was tinged with the sorrowful, yearning regret of having to bid farewell so quickly to a place that was stamped so permanently into memory.

The San Juan Islands disappeared behind me as Day Two continued in flight.
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