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Default For hotel accomodations

... I highly recommend my house - we have a guest suite above the garage with all the amenities. You could share it with two others and all be in separate beds. You're the first to ask, so you've got dibs, Don. There are of course plenty of commercial properties around if you prefer a Motel 6 experience and I can get you a crew car (truck actually).

Fuel stop? I always use the planning function in AirNav to find cheap(er) gas. I can hook you up with 93 octane ethanol free mogas in my hangar at $3/gallon.

On your way home but not very far into your trip to ATL would be Bedford Landings B&B at Smith Mountain Lake. The proprietor, Jack Philips, will be at the fly-in Saturday but if they have vacancies at the Inn they can make it happen for you. We've stayed there, and it's nice. (So is Jack's Pietenpol and his RV-10 project!)
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