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Default Stormy's 2017 Fly-In

We are on for the 15th.

Location: Hop-Along Airfield, 12VA, western VA between KROA and KHSP

Event: BBQ lunch and hanging out poolside at Bill & Lorri's. (River level is too low for successful tubing, and no rain forecast for next 7 days ) Suggest bringing a bathing suit and towel. We have rocking chairs and sixty feet of porch steps to sit on.

Side dishes welcome but not necessary. Lots of folks seem unable to help themselves and bring a favorite side or dessert anyway. We won't say no.

Arrive: anytime after 1030 local. Stay as late as you wish. If you get the notion to primitive camp here, let's discuss it. I've always offered - and no one's ever taken us up on it yet.

Facilities: 2100 x 50 foot turf runway. No obstacles (power lines are buried). Use RWY 32 for landing and 14 for takeoff. Space for tie-downs, but need to bring your own stakes and ropes if you want to anchor your plane (not usually necessary).

Would like a head count so an RSVP is helpful but not essential.

Comms: the "FBO" is NORDO; suggest arrivals use 122.75 air-to-air freq for an informal CTAF. We have good Verizon coverage and WiFi once you're on the ground.

NOTAM: nearby field Riverwood 0VA2 is just over a ridge to the north and parallel. Use our AirNav GPS coordinates to avoid confusion. Left traffic, 1800' MSL pattern altitude. Runway surface is rolling, bumpy in places, but firm and dry, short grass.

Hope to see our VAF friends next Saturday!
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