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Clermont !! Where are you flying out of? Lots of memories, I still own a 2.64 acre property on SR 33 I had forgotten about and this post seems to be a reminder it's time to sell or trade it

Anyway congratulations on that achievement !!! I bought a used RV-8 and love it however the past few weeks have been a big eye opener to me. I'm always looking for the positive in everything and in this case it's that I'm getting to learn so much about my plane and how great it was built ( yet how some parts weren't ) and even though I don't have the abilities you have to build one from scratch, I'm correcting things and that makes me feel like it's now my own.

I'm sure having Vic come and give it a blessing validates how much effort you put into it to learn how to do things correctly and therefore making it a very safe plane. I wish you lots of hours of fun in your new plane !!!
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