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The RV-12iS design process included evaluating the entire airplane and considering what could be updated or improved.

Taken from the Van's web site....

Feature Improvements
But, that’s just the beginning! We listened and learned from RV-12 owners, made many improvements to the RV-12 airframe and systems based on real-world customer feedback.

RV-12iS Features – Click to enlarge
Newly designed cowling that’s easier to remove. Plus, it provides greater cooling on the ground and in climb
New throttle quadrant design eliminates the need for special carb return springs used on the 912 ULS model engine
Quick-reacting electric flaps
New throttle actuation allows the pilot to easily select full-power (rich) or economy (leaned) mode
Cup holder (Limited to positive G maneuvers)
Improved canopy latch design
Quick-adjust seat back feature with even greater range of adjustability and greatly improved ease of use
Panel-mounted cockpit handle to aid entrance and exit
Horizontal stabilator tips are now available as an option
Dual USB power outlets
New and improved main landing gear attachment. More rugged and better suited to the training environment — Check out our gear tear-off test video below to see for yourself how and why we designed and tested it
New transversely mounted fuel tank results in more baggage volume and easier loading
Same tank capacity at 20 gallons, but much more usable fuel in climb/takeoff attitude
Larger fuel filler neck is now mounted below the rear window on the co-pilot side — easier to reach less prone to splashing
Increased baggage capacity to 75 lbs

RV-12iS page on the web site

Gear test video -
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