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Default Moving goal posts

Originally Posted by Pdtofly View Post
Where you did a nice job of mounting your cube, you have done a few things not recommended in your install.

General Placement Recommendations for Fuel Flow Transducer

1. Do not install the fuel flow transducer, hoses and fittings near exhaust system or turbocharger. Excessive heat can damage fuel system components.

2. Do not install 90 degree fittings (elbows) on the input or output of the fuel flow transducer. Doing so will cause turbulence in the fuel flow which causes inaccurate fuel flow data.

3. Install the fuel flow transducer with the three wires pointed UP.

4. Install a fuel filter UPSTREAM of the fuel flow transducer to screen out debris.

5. For best measuring performance, the fuel should travel uphill by one to two inches (25-50 mm) after leaving the fuel flow transducer.

6. Placement of the fuel flow transducer relative to other items in the fuel system like fuel pumps is left to the builder. It is common to place the sensor downstream of any auxiliary electric boost pumps but upstream of the engine driven fuel pump.

BIG NOTE: Due to vibration issues, never connect the fuel flow transducer directly to the engine.

ANOTHER BIG NOTE: When sealing the fittings on the fuel flow transducer, do not use Teflon tape! Instead, use a sealant such as “United EZ-Turn Fuel Resistant Lubricant” or “Permatex Thread Sealant”.

I would reconsider where you mounted your cube, unless you want it to fail prematurely.

Hey Brian

I believe EI have moved the goal posts on this one. Current guidance linked here

If one reads all the guidance ever written on mounting this thing then the only place for it is in close formation with the aeroplane along with the antennae and magnetometer!

Note main differences from what you posted:

Removed advice not to mount near exhaust, heat source or directly to engine.

Removed advice to not use 90 degree fittings.

Added insistence that the unit MUST be downstream of the last fuel pump (their capitalization)

personally I am mounting mine like this:

Just spent an hour mocking up and checking hose lengths and I believe it will work well.
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