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Originally Posted by todehnal View Post
I think the number is R4112 but I'm not certain, nor do I know a supplier. ..............Tom
You are correct about the part number of 4112 being a non steeping version .... I have one of those as well. Apparently, at one time they came in different versions spade leads and wired .... there is a little history here so I will tell the story as I know it.

A few years back when it was being reported the Ducati regulators were beginning to fail, a photo was posted here of the Silent Hektik F-4112 regulator with spade leads. I liked the idea of having a much more robust heatsink .... so while I was still building my RV-12, I ordered the Silent Hektik through a motorcycle shop in England that sells Silent Hektik products using the F-4112 part number that was on the label of the one I saw in the photo posted here on the VAF forums.

When the regulator was received, it had a part number of R-4112 and had wires coming out of the regulator as opposed to the spade leads I was expecting. I had the motorcycle shop in England call Silent Hektik to inquire about why the unit I received had wires as opposed to the spade leads and the answer the shop received was that Silent Hektik no longer offered the spade lead version with the F-4112 part number and that now it only comes with wires. The motorcycle shop was told that the F-4118 regulator is the one that now comes with spade leads.
Return from the future: I have just been informed that the Silent Hektik F-4112 non-stepping regulator with spade leads is still available after just speaking to another builder who ordered one within the last year. Apparently the shop that passed the info on to me did not receive good intel from Silent Hektik or misunderstood.

Notice the subtle change in the part number ... the one I received is R-4112 not the F-4112 I was expecting. Will it work .... sure will but it is NOT pin for pin compatible with the Ducati regulator's connector. What is the difference other than the R-4112 having wires? Its the way the regulators obtain their grounding. The F-4112 spade lead version gets its ground through the case of the regulator being bolted to the firewall shelf so it has a spade lead called Bat+ (which on the RV-12 wiring harness for the Ducati regulator is connected to the R lead just in front of the connector).

However, the R-4112 regulator receives its ground through one of the wires (Bat -) coming from the regulator and NOT through the regulator's case ... this wire needs to be run directly to battery's ground. For this reason, the wired version of the regulator IS NOT pin for pin compatible with the existing wiring connector that plugs into the Ducati regulator. That said, all the remaining wires are compatible ... so they could be plugged into the connector for the Ducati regulator. It's just the Bat - wire from the R-4112 regulator that can't be plugged into the Ducati regulator's connector because that is Bat + ... instead, the Bat- wire coming from the regulator needs to be run directly to the negative terminal on the battery.

I did a big write up on this on the Blog with photos that can be seen here:
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