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Originally Posted by Mark33 View Post
Like I'd mentioned in my previous post, check out the Honeywell 2TL1-31 switch. It's a very heavy duty double pole/three position switch with a lockout preventing you from inadvertently moving the switch into the off position, but it can easily be toggled between positions two and three. I'll defer to the rest of the experts with regards to your overall architecture of your switchology the do's and don'ts, but this Honeywell switch with the lockout might just do the trick and accomplish what you're trying to do.

Thanks for the part number suggestion. Switch part numbers are always fun to look through because there are a million different configurations. Honeywell's document about the TL series is no different.

Most likely I will simplify this to separate switches, but anywhere that I do use a 3-position switch, I now know that there are lockout switches available to use.
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