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Default Gear leg braided brake line

Thanks for the responses, David, There is no interference between the wheel pant attach bracket and the caliper. Scott, I realize the standard RV-12 has the aluminum tube with the loop, but the builder of this plane (who I bought it from) had put these lines from TS-FlightLines on. These look like high quality lines but I may fabricate the aluminum lines with the loop and put those on. Jim S., I would be interested in seeing a photo of yours. Like I said in my initial post, The problem seems to be in how the tube was wedged between the trailing flat surface of the gear leg and the caliper attachment. The brake line is simply not going to be allowed to move as the caliper tries to move. Tom from TS FlightLines, No, there doesn't seem to be enough slack. It seems like this braided brake line might work better if it made a loop around the gear like the original design so that it would exert no resistence to the caliper movement. Well, I think I'll put the aluminum lines on as per the original design.
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