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Originally Posted by vic syracuse View Post
My RV-10 has an MT 3 blade prop and an Earthx 1200 battery.
I also have tip tanks. I fly a lot solo, with full tanks, including the tips, and the usually 10 lbs of "stuff" in the baggage compartment. I never feel a need to add ballast. It lands very nicely and never runs out of trim for landing.

Vic - EarthX 1200 on the firewall or in the plans location?

Is there room on the firewall for an Odyssey 680 if I use the f/w mounted oil cooler and a spin-on filter, either remote or engine-mounted?

What else might get in the way of a battery there - a vacuum pad backup alternator?

Trying to plan (way) ahead and wanting to run the empty CG pretty far forward and keep the basic empty weight down as well...
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