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I flew with Damian a few years ago and must be the one dissenting opinion. I did about 7 hours (one hour per trip out there) of training with him and never even got to wheel landings. Not sure I could tell you what the problem was but I am pretty sure I flew the plane the entire time I was in it. I found it very difficult to feel like I was learning anything from him when I couldn't get a lesson each weekend or twice a weekend. He would schedule me every 2-3 weeks and then we would have a weather day mixed in there from time to time. I believe I "trained" with him for 7 months and never did a single wheel landing. 7 months is almost as long as it took me to get my PPL! I found the whole process to be a tremendous waste of time. I DID like flying the Cub though so at least I got to log 7 hours in a J3.

I ended up going to Florida for a week of vacation and got my TW endorsement AND my transition training all in about a day and a half with Jan Bussell (sp?). Then I drove north to see my family for the rest of the week. I am now the happy owner of a beautiful RV-7 and have somewhere around 400 hours in it.
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