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I used the hinge method of attaching the wing tips. Quite a bit more work but looks really nice. Not sure if I would really recommend it as you would have to be taking your wing tips off quite a few times to make up for the extra initial time. There is likely a small weight penalty with hinges but this is offset by not having to deal with the small #6 screws, which can be difficult at times.
When I got the tips in their permanent position both tips were about 1/8" higher on the outside then next to the aileron. Ok but not a nice sight line when the surfaces are lined up. The irony about surface alignment on the RV14 is that they are only going to line up perfectly when the elevators are in the neutral position. Thus when you have the stick tied back on the ramp at AirVenture it will appear that you messed up on the rigging. This may be what I saw on the demonstrator.
Nothing wrong with the system it is just a quirk of the controls on the 14, and also, I believe, on the 10.
Anyways, both tips were also about 1/4" long so first off I trimmed them for length and then I slit the end.

The next step is to rough up the inside trailing edge with sand paper and install the tip back on the wing. Spread the trailing edge and insert a generous amount of flox and epoxy, a stiff mix. Then using two 6' angles I clamp them to the tips, ailerons and the outside bit of the flaps. This is done on both sides of the aircraft at the same time to insure that everything lines up.
The next day the tips are removed and an added 3" wide strip of glass and resin is inserted in the aft end of the wing tip, over the flox.

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