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Proper installation of wing tips on any RV requires primarily one thing.... having the aileron fixed into the neutral position so the the training edge of the wing tip can be aligned vertically and in roll to it.

How this is done doesn't matter.

Using the template supplied in the RV-14 wing kit works well (it was used to install the tips on the tail dragger prototype).

Installation errors are possible with any method if the aileron was not confirmed to be in the nominal neutral position or if it moved during the install process.

Mis-alignment of the tip trailing edge after final assembly of the aircraft and installation of the flaps and ailerons is likely caused by the positions of the ailerons being compromised to account for twist in the flaps, ailerons, or both. Not the best way to build an airplane but there seems to be a large tolerance of variation without it have much effect on the flying qualities other than probably a tiny bit more drag.

Point being..... if installing the tips after flap and aileron rigging produces a better result then there are some construction errors that are being compensated for, rather than fixing the actual problem......

Originally Posted by Tom Martin View Post
When I checked out the prototype RV14 at AirVenture the first time it was there, I looked at the alignment of the ailerons, flaps etc and was told at the time that this plane was different, that things would not line up.
Without specifics I can't comment on what you saw, but a lot of experimenting with aileron rigging has been done since then.
It was discovered that because of the reflex position of the ailerons on the RV-14 coupled with just a bit of elasticity in the control system, the ailerons actually deflect downward very slightly in high speed flight so once the airplane was fully built the ailerons were rigged so that on the ground they will look about 3/32nds" high on each side relative to the wing tips. In flight they are exactly in trail.
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