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Thought I'd update my thread...

I have my workshop making good progress. I have some temporary workbenches in place while I prepare to build the EAA workbenches.

I purchased a ShopSmith with bandsaw, disc sander, Table saw, lathe, drill press, etc so that I can start building the tables, an easel, and eventually wing stands, DRDT table/etc...

I have my compressor and air tools setup and tested with 2 regulators (one at 55 and one at 80 psi). And I have installed some extra overhead LED lighting in the garage/shop.

I was preparing to build the workbenches on Sunday, but my tablesaw blade seems too dull - so ordered a new arbor and saw blade that should arrive soon.

While waiting for that - I figured maybe I'd try to actually get my practice kit tool box going to get some real experience with building with aluminum. So, I inventoried and prepared the kit - removed some plastic, dimpled the sides and got started with Riveting. To my surprise it was 'easier' than I thought. The first couple of rivets I used the Pneumatic Squeezer to both dimple and rivet - and they came out pretty darn good. Then I had to switch to the DRDT and pneumatic riveter/bucking bar. DRDT did a great job but the riveting didn't come out as well as Pneumatic Squeezer - which of course was my fault. I kept going - and the other side came out much better due to a technique change.

So, I did my first match drilling, Clecoing, Deburring, Dimpling, and Riveting last night! I'm going to order another tool box and probably the practice control surface before starting the wings in a few months. The extra tool box will before my 18 year old son to learn on before he starts helping me.

I'll get some picture of the tool box up later for examples of good and bad (in my opinion) with hopes of some good feedback.

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