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Default RV9 or 9A Build Project - J Muri

OK - so, I'm ready to start my "Build Project" thread. Haven't yet looked into the Build Log but thought I'd start here so that I can get any replies/advices/feedback.

I have been PPL for 5 years and purchased a Cherokee 140 during my flying lessons. I was putting about 100 hours a year on the Cherokee. I like to do some of the work on the Cherokee as it comes up - Installed Power Flow Exhaust, Replaced Air filter with K&N, Owner assisted annuals, Oil, etc. Even flew the wife to OshKosh in the Cherokee 2 summers ago!

Since getting the Cherokee (and even while buying), I talked about an RV9 after visiting Vans and researching specs of all of their planes. Well, I had my Cherokee painted 2 years ago and then had it out in Idaho again getting paint touchups last winter and found an RV9 partial kit for sale. Completed Empennage and then the Wing Kit - with all of the tools/etc. I had some builders go take a look and they gave it a good thumbs up. So, I purchased that kit almost a year ago and bought it home to my garage in Southwest Washington. I then started accumulating a few things to prepare to build - with plans to go to a few builders clinics/etc. Purchased compressor a couple of storage racks/work benches and some other air tools. But then flying season came and a great deal on an already build RV9A came up (friend of family)... so, I bought a flying RV9A and have been enjoying that since October. Makes me want to build another even more - and learn from the one I already have how to make "MINE" even better!!

SO, I am now kickstarting the preparations again. Bought an nice Garage Storage Unit... Organized the garage a bit better and have purchased more tools and looked at a few tutorial videos from Vans and Youtube/etc. Wife bought me the Vans Tool Box to practice and I will also purchase the Practice Control Surface. Then attend a builders seminar or two as I start to build.

Next on my 'prep the garage' list a few other handy tools to help build the EAA Work bench. I'm thinking 2 of them. One for general work and one to hold the C Dimpler. Also thinking of picking up a shopsmith Mark V to help with build of the Workbenches and Wing dolly and Drawing/Plan holder (Easel?)

I could put an inventory here of tools - but it looks like I have a very good assortment of the starter tools. Couple of Air drills, a 90 degree drill, many bucking bars, pneumatic squeezer, hand squeezer, files, dimple die, flutes, sandpaper, grinding wheel (36 and 60 grit?), etc.. Also with the kit purchased are 2 storage bins with 40 drawers each that hold existing inventory of rivets of various sizes all labeled by drawer and many many Clecos.

Long first post - I'll get pictures of the setups and of the aircraft parts as they are pertinent and take advice on build log websites/databases/etc (or should I create my own website?)

Joshua Muri
N8306R - PA28-140 Purchased 05/2013
N72NJ - RV9A Purchased 10/2017
No N# - RV9/A Kit in progress
Empennage complete. Wing Kit on hand
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