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Originally Posted by Shane@uAvionix View Post
Big John,

This is Shane with uAvionix. I'd be happy to jump in and help with any questions you or others might have regarding the EchoUAT as an IN/OUT solution, perfect for RV aircraft. I've worked with many, many RV owners on their installs, etc of ADS-B and would love to help if possible.

I won't overstep into marketing or advertising, just trying to help fellow pilots become compliant with the least effort and cost.

I was just at VAF home airport (52F) on Friday discussing RV installs. A couple questions that might help me better assist you and others.

1. Are you only looking for ADS-B Out to be 2020 Compliant?
2. If you are looking to use ADS-B In (Weather or Traffic) as well... What do you plan to display the Weather and Traffic on? GPS, EFIS, iPad, or Android?
3. Do you already have an ADS-B In (Receiver only) device?

For any that use ForeFlight on an iPad or iPhone, EchoUAT is now fully supported by ForeFlight Connect in their latest 9.4 release.
Shane, thank you very much for chiming in.

1. I currently use ForeFlight on an iPad in conjunction with a Status II for ADS-B in.

2. I plan to display ADS-B info on the G660 that I will install to replace the long-in-tooth G496, and on the iPad for backup and when I want a bigger screen and the full functions of FF.

3. Stratus. I will keep it for portable use when working with students in their airplanes.
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