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I place two external air gizmos on the elevator, one on the top of the rudder which takes a ladder or chair to reach and one small home made one on each aileron. I have had the air gizmo blow off the elevator with just one on and the same thing happen with the internal rudder lock. I just use it for short stops now. If you are just using the stick with belts, the control system will really be taking a beating. There is no way to know which way to place the plane for the wind so i would not think of that as a cure. If a front comes through, the wind usually reverses. The PVC is a much better option for the rudder as it will better support the peddles. I am planning to make one that uses an offset so I can lock the pedals and still add the air gizmo at the top. I do what ever it takes so I can sleep with the plane outside while traveling. I think this is the ultimate cure.
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