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Default Finally Fixed problem

After numerous contacts with Dynon, my system for some reason was picking up RFI from the CHT, EGT, AMP sensors and feeding it to the EMS module. The EMS module was not filtering it out and this noise was very noticeable on the gauges.

A very few, less than 5%, of Skyview customers had reported problems with the main panel emitting RFI and were noticing it on the radio. Dynon's solution was capacitive filter from this company. and the people that used these filters reported good results.

After looking at the specs for the filters, I figured they would be an elegant solution. I went with the Capacitive filters. I had already tried ferrite coils with no luck.

Now that these are installed, I don't get even the slightest hint of noise from the EMS module even while transmitting inside my metal building. I installed the filters on all three connectors.

I hope this helps anyone that might be having similar problems.

Marc Hudson
North Texas
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