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Default Started the Avionics Shelf

Since the canopy fairing will be a rather large fiberglass project, and I haven't worked with the material in more than a decade, I decided to make the fiberglass avionics shelf first.

The wooden mold was made of plywood some time ago. For mold release, first I filled the various defects and put a fillet radius on, and then I taped it all up with shipping tape. And followed that up with three coats of mold release wax, polished shiny.

Only the part with the back plate (and in front of that) is needed. The right two or three inches of the body is just excess plywood.

Fore-aft is in the foreground to background direction in the above mold photo.

There's a return lip behind the vertical piece of the mold in front. The vertical piece nearest us will become the switch panel.

I taped a piece of plastic down on the work bench and outlined the fiberglass that I'll need. On top of that is the bottom peel ply, and behind are the five layers of fiberglass:

One layer of unidirectional, running fore-aft,
Three layer of bidirectional, parallel to the mold's edges,
One layer of unidirectional, running fore-aft.

The top peel ply and upper piece of plastic aren't shown clearly, but they're there. At this point I'm all ready for the epoxy.

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