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I call this the "Purse Box", but the wife is going to have to downsize...
Sized to clear the rear stick and mount to the back of the standard front seatback.

the rest of the mounting hardware stowed until I'm ready to mount it:

The back with the angle to clear the seatback ridges. A piece of hinge will mount to this with the mate on the seatback. The lower angle will be final fit later. Mounting via hinges allows easy removal:

It was partially built with components from a mapbox kit that I am not going to use. It was a couple evenings to put together. Hope it works out and provides some additional storage for the rear seater. I'm also getting some side pockets for the the sidewall/floor area below the mid-cabin brace with my seats. I like lots of places to stash stuff and in the 8 your have to get creative. My buddy has some aluminum pockets in the canopy frame that he keeps sectionals in. Between the skirt and the vertical brace tubes. Nice use of wasted space.
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