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To be clear, the closest thing I have to credentials on the subject was a literal stay in a Holiday Inn Express a couple of weeks ago. And when I posed the question to Van's, it was about the -7 I'm building; not a -4. But given the factory's incredibly conservative approach when asked about virtually *any* mod to their airframes, I had pretty high confidence in the firewall (the stainless sheet itself, to again be specific) not being structural. What they told me was that I could cut holes anywhere I wanted in the stainless, as long as I avoided the steel weldments and the aluminum angle braces. *My interpretation* (and I always try to be open to correction) was that the steel bits & aluminum angles form a truss (and likely the motor mount itself contributes) to resist racking, and the stainless sheet is there purely for heat/fire/CO protection. Again, my interpretation of what they told me.
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