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Originally Posted by jersey View Post
John I think your right about the lock washers not performing. I noticed that the engine mounting bracket arm was flexing slightly when I was aligning the bolts. Although they firmed up when I tightened the bolts to the engine it would seem that they shouldn't rely solely on the engine case for rigidity. This is a high speed, high compression engine. It seems to me that a significant amount of energy retention would be concentrating where the brackets clamp to the engine. I'm probably over-analyzing. Hopefully Vans engineers will get back to us soon. In the meantime I will continue to inspect the bolts and enjoy the plane.

The following links and for that matter, the entire website is very interesting. The information and data clearly demonstrates how ineffective split lockwashers are and in some cases the bolt/joint is better WITHOUT the lockwasher. (Look at the graph).

AND the video.....

I sent all of this to Van's, last week.
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