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Originally Posted by iamtheari View Post
My RV-14 fuselage kit will be here in the next couple of weeks, and my tail cone is taking shape. I figure that now is an appropriate time to think about adding doublers for antennas. The kit already seems to accommodate two comm antennas on the belly, a transponder/ADS-B antenna on the bottom of the tail, and the ELT antenna inside the baggage area.

I am planning to have a GTN 650, a GMA 245R, and a G3X Touch with SiriusXM. My understanding is that I will need the following antennas in addition to those that the kit provides for, as listed above:

2. GPS for GTN 650 (GA 35)
3. GPS/XM for G3X Touch (GA 57X)

I'm not the first one doing this, by any stretch of the imagination. So, please show me where you mounted these antennas on your RV. Thanks!
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