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Forward floor painted (PPG Single Stage paint over PPG DP-40 LF primer - same for all the cockpit). I added a couple of pieces of 3M no slip self adhesive tape where the heals go. I also put the 3M tape in the rear seat passenger foot wells to mitigate wear.

All good after 14 years.

I painted over the rudder assembly powder coat with the same paint(some 200 grit sandpaper first). Rudder peddles also pointed and a few no slip pads added (but on hindsight non-slip here not really needed).

I make my own static ports from 3/4" or so long 3/16" round head rivets. I drill a 1/16" hole through the rivet head. The rivet shank fits well inside a 1/4" poly tube. I add a small 1/4" thick by about 3/4" circular backing plate on the cabin side of the rivet shank for support. Some pro-seal or JB weld to hold it all together (backing plate to fuselage, backing plate to rivet shank, rivet shank to poly tube). I went this way when the store bought static ports yielded a huge altitude error.

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