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Default Conway, AK (KCXW)

I landed and parked on a tarmac that appeared more like it belonged to a bustling metropolis with high rise buildings and Class B airspace. From what I gathered, the airport was recently completed in 2014 after the city of Conway elected to relocate the municipal airport from the center of town to the outskirts along the shores of the Arkansas River.

The Cub pilot landed right after me in a crosswind strong enough to weather vane him completely off the runway. No ground loop, but it could have been. He flew in to drop off his mother, poor kid. She seemed to take it all in stride, however. After he took off, I had another airport all to myself for the night:

Fuel prices were amazing, and the sleeping accommodations? Self-explanatory.

I slept well that night, and it was off to Tennessee first thing in the morning.
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