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Default July 5th: St. John the Baptist Parish, LA

On the morning of July 5th, my loving friends and hosts dropped me off at Taylor Airport where I pre-flighted and departed for the New Orleans area. I landed first at Louisiana Regional (L38), because a nasty storm cell was in the vicinity of my destination airport, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA (1L0).

It was blistering hot, and the humidity excruciating. This heat wave would follow me for virtually 3 more weeks up the east coast. Here we see a Louisiana local measuring the 120-degree tarmac with a digital thermometer:

Eventually, the storm cell dissipated over St. John, so off I went. I landed there, again the lone soul on the field, fueled up, and settled in for the night:

The next morning, I stepped outside and it literally felt like somebody threw a hot wet towel over me.

Everything on the tarmac, including the tarmac itself, was saturated and dripping in 80-degree heat at sunrise. And T-Storms were in the forecast big time, so I took off and headed for Oklahoma City, OK.
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