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Default -1 Fuselage

The fuselage kits after ~2007 or 2008 are designated as the “dash 1” fuselage. These later kits incorporated significant design changes of the internal structure to facilitate the matched hole pre punch features. These kits actually have many formed parts and reduced overall parts count over the older kits. I suspect that the primary reason Van’s invested in this upgrade was to help reduce the cost and improve quality of the quick-build kits. The benefit for slow builders is that the newer kits require much less hand fabrication of various piece parts from raw materials and provides for easier fit-up and alignment of the fuselage structures. The plans are also significantly improved. Many of the parts in the later fuselage also include lightening holes that were not present or called out in the earlier kits. I estimate that the -1 fuselage is around 5-10 lbs (maybe more) lighter than the original design. Externally, the -1 is virtually identical to the original kit.

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