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Originally Posted by Walt View Post

If I'm not mistaking, SB 14-12-22, which came out over 2 years ago, was the result of an incorrectly installed stop flange which caused the NLG retainer bolt to fail.
This was likely a contributor, or possibly the direct cause of, the failure in this case as well.

From the SB:

"Vanís Aircraft has received reports of damage resulting from the WD-631-PC or WD-1031 Nose Stop Flange (stop flange) having been oriented incorrectly during installation. If the stop flange is installed incorrectly, it will allow insufficient rotation of the nose fork during tight taxi turns and can cause the tire to drag sideways. This induces excessive loads on the stop flange, nose gear leg, engine mount and the associated attach hardware."
To me, and I am an aerospace structural design engineer, this gear failure looks different then others as it looks like it failed due to more side loads then the others. The gear is bent to the side as apposed to others are straight aft.
Like any engineer should admit, my opinion is an opinion and only based on the very limited view I observed from the video. When I just watched the part 2 video there was no video of the nose gear off the aircraft. Was this edited out?
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