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Im willing to accept that 100% of the nose gear failures is either pilot or builder error. That does not change the numbers on how many nose gear failures there has been. Making them stronger to be able to handle a bit more abuse would not be a bad thing. I don't think there are many things that have ever been built that can't be improved. The 10 gear is better and the 14 gear is an upgrade too. This is NOT a dig on the original design of the gear. It was designed to be light, not taxied on uneven ground, and to be held off the ground until you are parked. It works great for the design goals.

I am still taking lessons and I know if I had landed my 9A the same as I landed the 172 yesterday, I would have rolled the gear and gone over. If I had the engineering skills, I would try to redesign the mount and gear to make it stronger. If it cost 10 pounds - I would be ok with that. I have a FP Catto and a light battery so my nose weight would still be fine. I appreciate Alan for the AntiSplat bar and nose wheel bearing that I am installing on my plane.

As I get closer to completion, I am looking to install larger tires that can handle a bit bigger bump on the taxi way or runway. I will be taking transition training and get my license before I finish, so I still have a chance!

This is probably the plane I need!
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