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Originally Posted by Pat Stewart View Post
No information in this video other than what a nose gears looks like when you land on it or maybe have the aircraft severely crabbed at nose gear touch down. The opportunity to learn is what was experience in the windy conditions, was it a cross wind, what was the wind speed, was there some type of shear and how did the aircraft respond to pilot input in those conditions.

As far as gear failure on its own we have all seen years of this issue and know the gear just does not fail on roll out for no reason. Is the RV nose gear less forgiving than a Cessna 150 when you land on it, absolutely.
Hey Pat - Sorry, I was not flying the plane when the incident happened, so I'm not certain what the actual conditions were and what mistakes were made. The pilot said he bounced and the conditions had gone from calm to gusty.

The AV8R's

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