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Default Recognition of first flights.........

So the Hobbs Meter an Van's Aircraft has now hit 9901.
Based on a lot of years of experience, it is well known that a lot of first flights never get reported to Van's (a casual conversation with a builder order oil filters for a project that wasn't ever registered as flying, etc.), so we know the actual number is higher than that.

The hope is to hit the unprecedented 10,000 mark by Airventure 2018.
It would be even cooler if it could be done before the end of this year (though that might be a stretch).

This post is a plea for anyone that has completed the build of an RV and done the first flight, but doesn't recall whether they ever notified Van's, to please do so.

It is a simple process and the instructions are listed on the page at the link posted above.
It doesn't even require anything of great detail (though we enjoy reading the stories that people provide). Just name, customer #, and approx. date of the first flight is enough.

Thanks in advance.
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