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Default Wings, HS/VS Storage

Since getting my project up on her gear I've taken a few weeks to refresh, read up and get ready to tackle the next phase of building. My 3 car Aeroplane Factory is getting a bit crowded and was thinking about moving some of my more complete parts to my Hangar in prep for final assembly.

People generally have told me to wait to move the plane to a hangar until I'm near completion. I plan to have all engine, prop, cowling, avionics and interior complete or near complete before I move. However my Wings, HS/VS parts are 99% complete and stored in my garage now.

Is there any issue with going ahead and moving the Wings/HS/VS pieces to the hangar now? They'll fit easily next to my 172 and free up some factory floor space. I assume I can install any servo, wiring, lights, ect on final assembly fairly easily. Let me know if there's an issue with doing this. Thanks!
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